Does clomid cause endometrium build up

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I've waited almost 5 months to share my BFP story because I wanted to make sure I didn't miscarry again (that happened to me on this site). My goal in sharing this story is to give hope to other people who have had similar experiences with ovulation issues (possible PCOS diagnosis), miscarriage, Asherman's syndrome and multiples.

BFP with timed intercourse and thin uterine lining after miscarriages.

Zagaz University Hospitals, Egypt Correspondence and reprint requests: Dr. El Nashar, Althawra St., Mansoura, Fax: 0502331911, email: elnashar53@Received on May 19, 2003; revised and accepted on September 10, 2003 Code Number: mf04003 ABSTRACT Embryo implantation depends on the quality of the ovum and endometrial receptivity.

Does clomid cause endometrium build up:

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